I started cooking well before I was old enough to shave. I received formal training in the Culinary Arts and earned a Culinary Arts degree in 1999 International Culinary Academy in Pittsburgh, PA. It was later bought out by Le Cordon Bleu. I worked with many talented Cooks, Chefs and Culinary Arts from around the world. The videos I create are to share my knowledge with my viewers.

       I am excited to have the time to produce the cooking videos and share them with my viewers. I've seen many cooking videos and cooking shows over the years and realized that there is much wasted time. The videos that I produce feature the food and the skills that I use to produce the food. Please remember the videos I produce feature the food and cooking skills; if you forget what I look like, there is a photo of me on the home page.

Thank you for your time and support in viewing my videos!

Happy Viewing,

Jason A. Driskill


How to cooking videos by Jason Driskill