Welcome to dfwchef.tv

 Jason Driskill

   Welcome to dfwchef.tv, a site dedicated to Focus on the Food videos.  The videos are produced and edited by Jason A. Driskill, Chef and Owner of this site. Cooking and food related videos are produced with two simple principles in mind, time and viewpoint. 

     The videos provide a direct angle of the food and cooking techniques to allow for optimal viewing. The videos feature the food rather than the Chef. The videos are made for anyone who wants to learn more about cooking and various techniques used in cooking.

     Videos are produced to respect the viewer’s time and give a direct view of the food. Time is an important part of cooking and is an important part of life. The videos are produced and edited to respect the viewer’s time. The viewpoints of the videos are to allow one to see the food and the techniques to produce quality food.

 I know that you will enjoy the videos. Thank you for your time and support. Happy Viewing,
 Jason A. Driskill
Chef/ Owner
How to cooking videos by Jason Driskill